Human Team

Francisco Parra

CEO, Geotechnical Advisor, M.Sc, B.Sc.

Senior Geotechnical Engineer Involved in the geotechnical sector, especially for renewable energy projects in Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Daniel Jiménez Martínez

Renewable Project Manager, M.P.M., B.Sc.

Expert in renewable energies, with more than 18 years of experience in the solar photovoltaic sector in knowledge areas such as engineering, due diligence and construction, with participation in more than 25 GW in international projects.

Francisco Fernández-Caro

COO, Geotechnical Advisor M.Sc, B.Sc., M.B.A.

Senior geotechnical consultant. Involved in the construction sector especially for renewable energy projects in LatAM, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Felix Escolano

Geotechnical Advisor, PhD in Engineering

PhD in Land Engineering by the E.T.S. of Civil Engineers, Canals and Ports (UPM). Professor of the Interim University of Geotechnics and Foundations, Mechanics of Soils and Rocks and Geology at the School of Civil Engineering.

Álvaro de los Reyes

Geotechnical Advisor, M.Eng, ICCP.

Juan Gabriel Cervera

Geotechnical Advisor, M.Eng, Iccp.

Erik Tengblad

Geotechnical Advisor, B.Eng.

Víctor Cuesta

Geotechnical Advisor, B.Eng.

Emmanuel Torres Aparicio

Geotechnical Advisor, B.Eng.

Gema Urraca

Geotechnical Advisor, B.Eng.

Jimena Pascual Portal

Administrative Management M.Hrm, B.Ed.

Yosep María Valerio

Administrative Management, Communication and Marketing M.Res, B. Aj.

Eduardo Pérez

Field Geologist B.Sc. I Freelance.

Felix Lasheras

Field Geologist B.Sc. I Freelance.

Fernando Colino Polo

Field Geologist B.Sc. I Freelance.

Javier Alejandro Rivera

Field Engineer M.Eng. I Freelance.

Pablo Jaime Lago

First Officer, Drlller.

Viorel Negru

Driller Assistant

Marcelino Castro

Driller Assistant