We started the year taking stock of the projects carried out, and we emphasize that only in the Iberian Peninsula Geointec has carried out more than twenty geotechnical studies for renewable energy projects, which affirms the increase in the production of green energy in the country.

A clear example of this is the reactivation of the development and construction of renewable energy projects throughout the peninsular territory, following the  different EU policies and strategies responsible for promoting the increase in the percentage of green energy produced, included in the target to meet the 2020 renewable energy objective.

As part of this development Geointec undertook in 2018 studies for more than 700 MW of equivalent power projects in the whole peninsular area, achieving till 12 studies simultaneously as part of 1 of our client requirement. These surveys and studies give us the satisfaction of knowing that we contribute to the fulfillment of the general renewable energy objective.

Thanks to the requests of developers, EPCs, structure manufacturers and technologists, who have been able to offer our experience in providing ground engineering solutions in our Geotechnical and Pull Out Test studies, Topographic surveys and Hydrologic studies.

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