Geotechnical surveys

Previous studies for pre-projects and feasibility studies. Analysis of the E.L.U. and E.L.S. for superficial and deep foundations. Checks against sinking, global stability, starting, deformations, etc … Technical assistance in the execution phase. Pathologies in buildings by ceding foundations and geotechnical studies for stresses.

ProjectsRenewables - Building - Civil Works
ServicesSoil Mechanics - Foundations
Experience+1.200 Geotechnical Studies
Bearing capacity and deformations

Surface foundations

Global stability

Slopes and slopes

Geotechnical calculation

Deep foundations

Geotechnics in remote areas

Combination of research techniques that allow a characterization of the terrain in isolated geographical areas, where the displacement of heavy machinery supposes unfeasible costs. Focused on preliminary studies, geotechnical studies for foundations of light structures, photovoltaic plants, pathologies, etc …

We have portable test devices in the aircraft hold: Panda2 Penetrometer, DCP, Manual Drill Bits and Vane Test).
Support geophysical research using electrical tomography, MASW, refraction seismic, CMD-Explorer.
Displacement of technicians for the realization of thematic cartographies, inventory of slopes, geomechanical stations, inventory of water points, points of geotechnical interest, etc …

Geotechnical probes

SPT & unchanged samples

Penetration tests

DPSH, DPC, Panda2, CPTu

Registration and sampling

Calicatas - Augers manuals

Cizallometer Vane Test

Resistance to in situ cutting

Geomechanical stations

Characterization of rocks

Geological Mapping

Walkover surveys

Geophysical techniques for geotechnical investigations

The study of the subsoil by means of geophysical techniques allows a quick analysis of the terrain, its characteristics, especially the presence of cavities, aquifers, depth of the rocky substrate and soil thicknesses. These techniques provide the added value of being faster and cheaper than mechanical surveys and allow covering more extensive areas.

Electrical Resistivity

Schumberger & Wenner

Electrical tomography

2D & 3D Modeling

Thermal resistivity

In situ & Laboratory

Sísmica de refracción

Ondas Vp & Vs


Multialysis Surface Waves Vs30


2D & 3D Modeling