Hydrology and Hydraulics

Hydrological tests in preliminary phase, detailed engineering phase, calculation of floods and avenues, preliminary hydraulic studies.

Project phasePreliminaries - Detail Engineering - Construction - Operation.
ServicesHydrological studies, flood calculation, hydraulic studies.
ExperienceAfrica, America and Europe.

Hydrology & Hydraulics

  • Hydraulic studies: climatic and statistical analyzes, IDF curves, calculation of flows of the interior basins and outer basins, calculation of floods and risk of flooding.
  • Hydraulic studies: preliminary reports of pre-sizing, hydraulic studies with sizing of drains.

Climate studies

Statistical analysis, IDF curve

Preliminary hydrological

Qualitative risk analysis

Hydrological studies

Calculation of flows

Flood studies

Avenues risks

Preliminary hydraulics


Hydraulic studies

Drainage sizing