GEOINTEC – Geotechnical and Civil Engineering works with a wide and comprehensive range of research methods, both direct and indirect.

General Techniques

-Geological and geothermal mapping.
-Thematic mapping. (Geological-geotechnical risk, flooding, landslides).
-Slope stability studies through computer media (SLIDE, SLOPE, GEOSTRU, DIPS, SWEDGE, STEREOWIN, etc.).
-Inventories quarries, aggregates, loans and landfills studies Regional studies for use of materials and loans.
-Inventory slopes.
-Inventory of geological observation points.
-Inventory points gauging water.
-Geomechanical stations.
-Software tools and specific software for structural analysis using numerical methods.
-Delineation AutoCad.

Geophysical techniques

-Counselling and testing of geophysical characterization of the land.
-Electrical tomography.
-E.V. and electrical pits.
-Testing of electrical resistivity and thermal resistivity to earth ground.
-Profiles seismic refraction and seismic surveying.
-MASW profiles.
-Downhole tests.
-Prospecting, sampling and in situ tests.
-Geotechnical surveys.
-Environmental surveys.
-Helical polls (Auger takes to obtain a gravel).
-Polls percussion (Direct Push) with continuous extraction witness.

Sampling and Testing.

-Test S.P.T.
-Displays unaltered.
-Paraffin / laminated witnesses.
-Sampling piston.
-Pressuremeter tests.
-Lefranc permeability tests and Lugeon.
-Porchet infiltration tests and Halek type.
-Mechanical pits.
-Manuals pits.
-Calas / Tasting foundation auscultation.
-Getting unchanged (block) and altered (bulk) samples.
-Dynamic penetration tests
-DPSH (superheavy).
-Penetration tests Panda 2 variable power.


-Atterberg limits.
-Density, humidity.
-Direct cut.
-Simple compression.
-Maximum swelling pressure.
-B.R. Index.
-Modified Proctor.
-Gypsum content.
-Organic matter content.
-Organic material.
-pH Water.
-Wear Los Angeles.