Security and Health

We serve our customers, committed to society, the environment and health of our employees, respecting the legal and regulatory framework established for each case.


HSE Management System 

The companies contracted or subcontracted to work in construction must prove that they have human resources at management and production level, who have the necessary training in prevention of occupational risks, as required by law 32/2006 of 18 October.

HSE Policy: Our principles

We assume the need for continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services, our processes and our working conditions, ensuring that no task is carried out without the proper preventive measures.

Accidents at work or any injury generated in the same case are essentially management failures and therefore preventable through proper management for the adoption of measures for the identification, evaluation and control of possible risks.

People are the most important value that guarantees our future. Therefore, they must be qualified and identified with the objectives of our organization and their views must be considered. All activities are conducted without compromising the health and safety aspects for economic or productivity considerations.

HSE Policy Commitments

All staff control ensures a correct conditions of workers in charge. To do this, show interest and gives example, as part of its function.

The company promotes and provides the means for communication of deficiencies and suggestions for improvement are analyzed and, if possible, applied. The spirit of innovation and continuous improvement is critical to the future of our company. We establish channels for the exchange of information and cooperation or partnership between our staff and also with our customers and suppliers to continuously improve the way we choose our supplies, our work and providing our services.

Inform and train workers about the risks both to work on the means and measures to be taken to prevent them. To this end, we have the necessary procedures for the development of the different preventive activities.

We analyze all potential accidents and damage correction started immediately. Our company takes the above as a guarantee of survival and growth.

The direction of the company.

Source: National Institute for Health and Safety at Work.