Business Fields

The vast experience gained in various areas and the work done in collaboration with engineering, architectural, construction techniques and promoters addresses allows us to cover projects of any size from direction and supervision until the close collaboration with the technical departments.

Currently our company operates in the following business lines:

  1. Consulting in Geological and Geotechnical Engineering.

Renewable energy:

  • Geotechnical studies for wind farms, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal plants.
  • Both preliminary studies, project sales phase (Due Diligence) and under construction (detailed engineering, construction engineering and re-engineering).
  • Studies of soil resistivity for electrical substations and transmission lines.
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic studies.
  • Topography and surveying associated with the parks.
  • Ramming Tests and Pull Test.

Architecture and Building:

  • Geotechnical studies for construction.
  • Geotechnical studies prior to pre or feasibility studies.
  • Special foundations.
  • Excavation below the water table.
  • Geotechnical site assistance.
  • Pathologies

Civil work:

  • Obtaining permits, licenses, affected services, layout and access.
  • Monitoring and control of field campaigns.
  • Writing annexed geology, geotechnical and materials corridors.
  • Conducting geotechnical studies for structures and earthworks.
  • Slope stability studies and calculations of foundation.
  • Use of materials.
  • Technical assistance on site.
  • Site selection, associated geological risks, interaction with the water table, etc.
  • Geological and geotechnical mapping.
  1. Exploration of contaminated soils.
  • Campaigns research surveys for the detection of contaminated soils.
  • Installation of piezometers to control and remediation in industrial areas and gas stations.
  • Pre-drilling, manual surveys, sealed piezometers.