About Us

GEOINTEC is specialized in the field of geotechnical, geophysical, hydrogeological and environmental issues. Our dedication to engineering related to building, construction, civil engineering, renewable energy resources and mineral resources, is already long and is based on the extensive experience of our technical team.

Human capital is our best asset. GEOINTEC makes great efforts to maintain a motivated, trained and highly skilled technical team of Geotechnical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Renewable Project Experts and Senior Field Geologists.

Our services are focused on geotechnical studies, hydrological-hydraulic studies, topographic surveys and foundation studies, from greenfield stage (feasibilities reports), to conceptual and detailed engineering, EPC and operating phase.

GEOINTEC has a wealth of specialist resources to manage project risks, especially performed under difficult or challenging conditions, in remote geographical areas and extreme climates where we frequently work.

A combination of professional capabilities, specialised equipment, proper planning and a well-thought-out exploration programme for subsurface characterization are the key to succeed and obtain quality geotechnical data to design a reliable and cost- effective projects.

Our technical team is characterized by a high degree of customer commitment , extensive experience, high professional standards and prolonged stay in the company.