We at GEOINTEC would like to announce to our community of customers, suppliers and employees that we have reached the number of 30 GW equivalents of analyzed land for renewable energy projects.

The impetus and development of the Spanish and Portuguese markets have been key to achieving this figure, which has been reinforced by the growth of the renewable energy market in France, Italy and other European countries.

Despite the challenges and difficulties caused by the pandemic (Covid-19), we overcame ourselves and, with a high level of adaptation and versatility, we have demonstrated the working capacity of our team in carrying out studies for renewable projects.

The commendable work of our team in Spain and the energetic support of our French subsidiary, created in 2020, were key to achieving this new goal.

Earthworks for photovoltaic plants

Although GEOINTEC’s fields of activity and specialization have focused on carrying out geotechnical studies and pull-out tests for solar parks. In recent years, hydrological and hydraulic studies and topography for this type of terrain have particularly attracted the interest of our customers. This is thanks to the integrated solution that GEOINTEC offers for terrain engineering: Geotechnics + Extraction Test + Hydrology + Topography, which also includes the design of drainage and foundations necessary for the proper development of the technology of these parks.


GEOINTEC is a company founded more than 19 years ago in Spain with a clear vision and international vocation, specializing in solar and wind projects since 2014.

Currently we have our headquarters in Madrid (Spain) and offices in Chile (Santiago) and France (Lyon) and recently (2021) a new office in Australia (Sydney).

We hope to keep moving forward and share with you every part of our growth process.

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