Geointec completed successfully geotechnical and pull out test studies for five solar plants in Andalucia (Spain).


Geointec carried out ground risk and geotechnical assesment studies in five photovoltaic solar plants to be built in the provinces of Seville and Córdoba, which will have a power of 250 MW.

For each project, a geotechnical characterization, soil corrosivity tests, foundation solutions, ramming tests and load tests on driven steel profiles, were included. Geointec supplied all the necessary material including the profiles of the trackers under test.

In this case, these were projects with identical solar tracking technologies and with the same design criteria (distances between rows, equal profiles, very similar design loads) but located on land with different geotechnical characteristics, which forced the engineers Geointec to optimize both the available resources and the campaign strategy in each case.

A total of 250 pull out tests, 150 test pits for soil logging/ sampling and 90 penetration tests (DPSH or a variable energy penetrometer device) were performed, as well as more than 200 tests in the laboratory.

Currently, Geointec offers comprehensive geotechnical studies and pull out test in Spain, having all the machinery and specialized engineers for desk studies and field engineers and operators, in order to obtain  an adequate site engineering for the current design needs of solar parks.

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