Geotechnical surveys

Geotechnical Studies from greenfield stage (feasibilities reports) to conceptual and detailed engineering, EPC and operating phase.

ProjectsRenewables - Building - Civil Works
ServicesSoil Mechanics - Foundations
Experience+1.200 Geotechnical Studies
Bearing capacity and deformations

Surface foundations

Global stability

Slopes and slopes

Geotechnical calculation

Deep foundations

Geotechnics in remote areas

Characterization of the terrain in isolated geographic areas, where the movement of heavy machinery involves unfeasible costs. Focused on preliminary feasibility studies, or geotechnical studies for light structure foundations, such as photovoltaic solar plants.

  • Portable test devices in the aircraft hold: Panda2 Penetrometer, DCP, Manual Drill Bits and Vane Test).
  • Geophysical survey: electrical tomography, MASW, refraction seismic, CMD-Explorer.
  • Geological risk mapping, slope inventory, geomechanical stations, water points inventory, points of geotechnical interest, etc ….