Hydrology And Hydraulics

Hydrological studies, flood calculation, flood simulation, basic drainage projects, post-operation simulations and technical assistance during construction.
Project Phase:Preliminaries, preliminary project, basic engineering, construction and operation.
Services:Hydrological studies, flood / hydraulic studies, basic drainage projects and technical assistance.
Experience:Europe, America and Africa.


Definition of the regional framework, location of anthropic alterations, climatic analysis, delimitation of basins, obtaining of rain intensities, estimation of the runoff coefficient and calculations of flood flows.

Hydraulics / Flooding

Hydraulic simulation using 1D or 2D HEC-RAS using hydrographs or rain on grid models, obtaining drafts and flow velocities, definition of risks due to flooding and erosion and delimitation of the Public Hydraulic Domain (DPH).

Drainage Projects

Design of the basic drainage project and post-operam simulations using HEC-RAS.

Climate studies

Statistical analysis, IDF curve

Hydrological studies

Flow calculation

Flood studies

Flood risks

basic drainage projects

drainage network pre-dimensioning

post-operation simulation

drainage network design verification

technical assistance

technical support in construction and operation