Research Campaigns to Detect Contaminated Soils

Probes for detection of contaminated soils, execution of piezometers for water quality control, of vapors in the unsaturated zone and control of piezometric levels – apparent / actual thickness of supernatant product.

Services:Probes for sampling, control and remediation piezometers, drilling for gas-sampling
Capabilities:EESS Repsol, Petronor, Galp, BP security passports. ATEX atmospheres. ERCROS, DOWN CHEMICALS, IBERDROLA, ENEL GREEN POWER, ABENGOA BIOENERGIA, and E.ON facilities
Experience:+10 years.

Gas Stations Research Campaigns

Research campaigns at gas stations: execution of manual test pits, carrying out probes by means of a Hand Auguer manual drill, probes with extraction of core in dry for sampling, installation of control and remediation piezometers, installation of manholes.

Manual calicatas

Replacement of materials and flooring

Manual probes

Pre-drilling con Hand-Auguer

Dry probes

Soil sampling


For control / remediation


Drilling for sampling of volatiles


Installation mod. D400