Quality Policy

Quality Policy and Environmental Management

Our Quality and Environmental Management System guides us towards improvement in order to satisfy our customers, through compliance with the requirements specified by the customer as legal or regulatory and necessary to ensure production, and absolute control developed activities that may have some impact on the environment, within the possibilities of the company. Our policy is based on the following commitments:

  • Commitment from the management to the successful implementation of the Quality and Environmental Management System and continuous improvement of results.
  • Commitment to comply with all requirements, whether they are legal, contractual or otherwise, that are applicable on the basis of our business, both in terms of our service as in the environmental field of our activities, so that our performance in no case may contravene legal requirements and specifications set by the various public authorities.
  • Commitment to carry out our work in a management environment to ensure continuous improvement in our processes, methods of operation and our relationships with stakeholders, through the establishment and periodic review of our quality and environmental objectives.
  • Commitment to protect the environment and our environment through actions aimed at preventing any contamination that might result from operations due to our activity.
  • Commitment to promote understanding and dissemination of our policy of quality and environmental management within the organization.
  • Commitment to effectively control all our activities.
  • Commitment to promote environmental awareness in their environment through continuous training of workers and permanent suppliers and customers communication.
  • Commitment to make available and publicize to stakeholders our policy of quality and environmental management for information, and keep it current, implemented and documented.