GEOINTEC is specialized in the field of geotechnical, geophysical, hydrogeological, topographical and environmental studies. Our dedication to engineering in the fields of building constructions, civil engineering, renewable energy resources and mineral resources is already long standing and validated by a well trained technical team with extensive experience. Our current business lines of work are:

  • Geological and Geotechnical Engineering Consulting.
    • Geotechnical studies for building projects according to EC-7 and CTE DB SE-C (+2.000 studies).
    • Studies for renewable energy projects (large-scale PV Solar projects, Concentrating Solar Power CSP, Wind Power plants).
    • Infraestructure development (high speed railway, highways, and roads). Geotechnical studies for corridor and structures.
    • Electrical Transmission/ Distribution. Geotechnical, hydrological, hydraulic, and topographic studies for electrical substations and high voltage lines.
    • Geophysical surveys MASW-REMI, ERT, CMD-Explorer.
  • Hydrology and hydraulic studies. Dranaige design.
  • Land suveys and topographic studies
  • Exploration in contaminated soils. 

GEOINTEC relies on a team of qualified professionals who specialize in the field of engineering, geology and geotechnical consulting projects. GEOINTEC Staff has more than 20 years of experience in the development and execution of international projects.

GEOINTEC has conducted more than 2,000 studies, located in more than 30 countries and spread across 5 continents. The most outstanding projects are:

    • Infraestructure development. Geotechnical study for the corridor and structures A-14 Highway (Purroy-Benabarre, ESP), Geotechnical studies for the corridor and structures AR-30 and jonction A-3 (Arganda del Rey, ESP), Geotechnical survey for A-15 Highway (Villar-Agreda, ESP), geotechnical survey for high speed train (Tlemcem – Akkid Abbas, DZA), geotechnical survey for  M-100 Highway (Algete – R2, ESP).
    • Electrical transmition and distribution. 250 Km 220 kV EHV. Pan de Azúcar – Punta Sierra – Pelambres, IV Region, Chile. EHV Talata – Volondry, Madagascar. EHV and subtations for PV Park San Luis de Potosí, México.
    • PV Solar Stations. Geotechnical studies for large-scale PV projects (200-600 MW) in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. Studies for photovoltaic stations in more than 25 countries. Projects financed by cooperation funds and the world bank.
    • Concentrating Solar Power CSP. Geotechnical studies for Camarones Thermosolar Power Park, I Region (Arica), Chile. 
    • Wind Power plants. Geotechnical studie for Los Olmos Wind Power Park, Biobio Region, Chile. Geotechnical studie for Mesamavida Wind Power Park, Biobio Region, Chile
    • Historical heritage projects. Geotechnical study for Alcalá de Henares Cathedral foundations, Getafe Cathedral, Escalona Walls, Loeches Church, Visigoth Tower of the Church of El Salvador in Toledo. Boreholes survey for the San Juan de Duero Monastery, Soria.

Company profile

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