About Us

GEOINTEC is specialized in the field of geotechnical, geophysical, hydrogeological and environmental company. Our dedication to engineering -related building, construction , civil engineering, renewable energy resources and mineral resources fields, is already long and is supported by training and extensive experience of our technical team . Currently our company works on the following business lines:

Geological and Geotechnical Consulting and Engineering

  • Algeria. Civil engineering projects, high-speed railway line LGV (2013).
  • Andorra. Civil engineering projects (2013).
  • Angola. Building project (2013) Renewable energy projects (2015).
  • Brasil. Renewables energy projects (2015).
  • Chile. Renewable energy projects (2013-15).
  • Egipto. Renewable energy projects (2015).
  • Jamaica. Renewable energy projects (2015).
  • Japan. Renewable energy projects (2013-2015).
  • Jordan. Renewable energy projects (2015).
  • Kenia. Renewable energy projects (2014).
  • Mexico. Civil engineering project (2009) & Renewable energy projects (2014-2015).
  • Morocco. Civil engineering proyects. High-speed railway line LGV project (2009).
  • Namibia. Renewable energy projects (2015).
  • Spain. Civil egineering, buildings, soil contamination (2002-15).
  • Panama. Renewable energy projects (2015)
  • Portugal. Civil and d industrial projects (2010).

Exploration in contaminated soils.

  • Research surveys and installation of piezometers in BP petrol stations and facilities, GALP, REPSOL and PETRONOR.
  • Research surveys at contaminated industrial facilities ERCROS, IBERDROLA, ENEL GREEN POWER Abengoa Bioenergy soils and E.ON.

Our technical team is characterized by a high degree of customer commitment , extensive experience, high professional standards and prolonged stay in the company. It consists of a large team of geologists, geotechnical engineering and master in technical expertise in the field of geotechnical , geophysical and environmental .

Our work not only focuses on geotechnical studies under consideration , but reach the implementation phase and operation . It is for this reason that technical nuetras have a global view and can anticipate possible pathologies , problems of implementation, through an appropriate plan of geotechnical investigations and geotechnical alos anticipate problems before they occur.