Ramming & Pull Out Test

Pile driving tests of steel profiles for solar projects PV. Vertical and horizontal load tests, cyclic tests, combined tests, pre-drilling tests.

Project phasePreliminaries - Detail Engineering - Construction - Operation.
ServicesDirect pile tests, driven with pre-drilling, micropiles, helipiles.
Experience+12 GW in Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Ramming & Pull Out Test

We develop trials of driving with specialized machinery, as well as excavators with hydraulic hammer for remote areas without driving machinery.

Performed “pull out test” load tests, cyclical, combined, and based on the technical specifications of the most important players in the solar photovoltaic market.

Analysis of results, back analysis and calculation of foundations.

Hinca Testing

Ramming test

Horizontal load

Elastic and Plastic Deformations

Axial tests

Start and compression

Combined trials

Horizontal and vertical deformations

Retrospective analysis

Horizontal and vertical ground resistance

Foundation calculations

Solutions and depth