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GEOINTEC, with more than 15 years of experience, is a leading company in the renewable energy sector, for geotechnical studies, hydrological studies, hydraulic-drainage, topography and load tests for solar PV projects. GEOINTEC participates very actively in projects for high voltage power lines, electrical substations, civil works and buildings, with more than 1,800 studies undertaken to date


Renewables projects

We have experience for over five continents, consolidated in LatAm and Africa where we have conducted many projects, and emerging- growing in Asia and Middle East.

Electrical Substations & Lines

The activity of GEOINTEC is focused in all project stages, from Greenfield stage to the Operation stage, providing the best geotechnical solution for each stage depending on the typology and needing of the client.

Civil projects

Geotechnical site characterization is arguably the most challenging factor to determine optimal foundation design.



GEOINTEC has extensive experience with more than 1,200 geotechnical studies carried out for the construction of residential buildings, urban development plans, logistics platforms and industrial warehouses.




  • We have chosen Geointec to carry out several technical studies for photovoltaic solar plants in Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Argentina and Mexico, both for the quality of its services at competitive prices, and for the high degree of responsibility and commitment to the agreed deadlines. . Geointec is made up of a team of professionals capable of advising and quickly adapting to the needs of the client, with extensive experience in carrying out work at the national and international level.

    We believe that quality services are one of the main qualities of Geointec, with a highly technical knowledge to perform geotechnical and soil engineering services. So of course, I would recommend them for conducting geotechnical studies on new projects.

    Ramsés Barabino
    Chief Operating Officer in ALTEN
  • The work carried out by GEOINTEC in our three recent projects in Jordan, of 50 MW each, has been highly satisfactory. Geointec has shown a proactive approach to meet our deadlines, and have provided us a comprehensive set of results, clear conclusions and recommendations with regards to the real features of the sites studied.

    Angela Melkonian
    Technical Manager in FRV
  • As a member of the TSK Photovoltaic Plant Engineering team, within the field of civil works, delimiting the uncertainties of the project are fundamental to the success of the project, and one of the greatest, if not the greatest, is always knowledge of the terrain. Working with you, we have the guarantee that these uncertainties are delimited for decision-making, and you are supported by quality technical work that lacks interpretation. Facing the successful design of our project, our clients and their technical advisers, we know that we have the backing of Geointec’s work to answer all their questions.

    César Antonio Guerra Cubillas
    TSK Engineering Department
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