Francisco Fernández-Caro


Francisco Fernández-Caro

COO, Geotechnical advisor, M.Sc, B.Sc.

Highly skilled person in the processes of offers and management of geotechnical studies around the world.

Senior Geotechnical Advisor. Involved with the geotechnical sector, specially for renewable energy projects in LatAM, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Expert in aggregates in a global cement company, Holcim Group, developed skills working with national and international multidisciplinary teams. The goal was the increase and consolidation of the number of reserves and resources of the aggregates division (Holcim Áridos, S.L.). Leaded the quality, environmental and certification of product department in Holcim Áridos, S.L. 2009-2012.

Since then, Francisco has participated in the bidding process and management of geotechnical studies for renewable energy projects, especially for photovoltaic installations, throughout the world (Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Jamaica, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Jordan, Egypt, Japan and Australia, Spain and the United Kingdom, among others), with a total power of 11 GW.


Project Management90%
Geotechnical engineering80%
Business Administration85%

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