Electrical Resistivity Test survey for electrical substations in Spain

GEOINTEC have performed electrical resistivity for the following electrical substations:

  • Escatrón Electrical Substation
  • Calamocha Electrical Substation
  • Platea Electrical Substation
  • Monzón Electrical Substation
  • Solórzano Electrical Substation
  • Basauri Electrical Substation
  • Valdolea Electrical Substation
  • Andorra Electrical Substation
  • Teruel Electrical Substation
  • Fuendetodos Electrical Substation
  • Sanguesa Electrical Substation
  • Vitoria Electrical Substation
  • Sta. Engracia-Logroño Electrical Substation
  • El Sequero- Logroño Electrical Substation
  • Oiatzun Electrical Substation
  • Plaza Electrical Substation
  • Cacicedo Electrical Substation
  • Jalón Electrical Substation
  • Los Vientos Electrical Substation
  • María Electrical Substation
  • Puente Larra Electrical Substation
  • Astillero Cardiel Electrical Substation


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