Geointec conducted a Geotechnical and Pull Out Test survey for the 5MW photovoltaic plant that will be developed on an artificial island in Seychelles.

With the objective of determining the foundation design of the structure that will support the solar modules of a 5MW photovoltaic project, Geointec moved a team of two geological engineers to the Island of Romanville to carry out the requested Geotechnical and Pull Out Test study.

The works were carried out on an artificial island with an area of ​​approximately 18 hectares, located a few meters from the coast of the island of Mahé, in Seychelles.

One of the peculiarities of the project is that it shares the territorial space with a five-turbine wind farm, which currently operates on the island, with a nominal capacity per 750 kW turbine (total 3,750 MWnom), connected to the island of Mahé by underwater channeling.

The geotechnical study was composed by variable energy penetration tests, thermal resistivity tests, direct in-situ cutting and vertical electrical tests. In addition soil samples were taken to determine the corrosivity of the soil.

“Pull Out Test” campaign was also carried out, ramming 15 C120 section profiles, and executing horizontal and axial upwards load tests. All the materials, test devices and machines used during the tests were transported by sea.

It is expected that this project will produce around 7 million kWh of energy per year. Which will represent approximately 1.8% of the total energy consumption of Sheychelles.

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