The field geotechnical works were carried out in the city of Oruro, more than 3700 meters high.


In this project Geointec was integrated into the preliminary phase for providing the engineering geotechnical solutions of the land, determining the location of the ideal area for construction and suggesting the best location of the solar modules through the completion of the Geotechnical Studies, the Surveying Survey and the Technical report for the constructive design of the platform of the electric substation.

The solar plant will be integrated into the national energy system. It will have an equivalent power of 50 MW, of which it is planned to build a second phase of another 50 MW that will lead it into the largest photovoltaic solar plant in Bolivia.

Geointec also carried out a deformability study of the terrain for the determination of the settlements, after the application of the design loads foreseen for each element to be cemented in the electric substation. In addition, several driving tests and load tests were carried out in the field.

For this project, which Geointec carried out in several phases, two geological engineers with extensive experience traveled to Bolivia from Spain. The execution of the fieldwork was extended for just over 15 days and was supported by local staff. The helpdesk work was carried out in our central office in Madrid in two periods, during the months of July and August of last year, and December and January of the current year.

The first phase of this plant will have approximately 150,000 solar modules and is expected to inject 109,000 MWh / year of energy into the influence area.

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